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she isn't real

I won't let this build up inside of me

Stephanie the Psychotic Acrobat
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I'm Stephanie. I am 23.
a perfect circle, alternative, anti-perspirant, art, bathing, being naked, being normal, being oblivious, being weird, blankets, boy hits car, breaking mirrors, candy necklaces, cannabis, cassius, cheese, chimney sweeping, closing doors, computers, concerts, cradle of filth, dancing like nobody's watching, doing quizzes and surveys, drawing, drinking, drinking blood, drinking lemonade, drugging, eating grass, eating large children, eating small children, emo kids, eyes, falling, farming wheat, frolicing, galavanting, genocide, glass eating, hearing, him, horns, horror movies, immitating a fog horn, industrial, johnny the homicidal maniac, jumping, lava lamps, lawn gnomes, licking tape, listing miscellaneous things, literature, make-up, making music, metal, metal kids, morbid thoughts, mr. potato head, mudvayne, mushrooms, music, mustard, mutilation, necrophilia, nuclear war far, opening doors, painting, photography, picking other people's noses, picking scabs, piercings, pillows, poetry, poking eyeballs, popeye the sailor man, pressing buttons, punk kids, queen, radiohead, reading cook books, reading to the elderly, reptiles, rise against, rock, rubber bands, running, scratching mosquito bites, sculpting, seeing, serenading tree frogs, sitting on benches, six feet under, skipping, smelling, smelling armpits, smoking, soap, stalking, stamp collecting, suicide, talking to farm animals, tattoos, the doors, tight-rope walking, tin foil, toboganning, tool, touching, tower climbing, tree climbing, tying up shoelaces, visiting my psychiatrist, voodoo dolls, walking, walking through windows, watching tumbleweeds, wearing hats, you